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Praise for ‘GRASP The Solution’ and Chris Griffiths

“A must-read with accurate techniques to power up your thinking process and productivity. I’d recommend this book to anybody who is open to move forward and look at challenges differently. Every once in a while someone comes up with a perfect metaphor or analogy that hits heads, Chris’s book is indeed one of those rare finds. If you want to turn your problems into practical solutions, this book will definitely help you.”

Philippe Packu, Business Analyst, Sony

“Chris has created the GRASP Thinking Modes for the 21st century, the same as Edward de Bono did with Six Thinking Hats for the 20th century.”

Djohan Yoga, Managing Director, IndoMindMap

“Chris has profoundly changed my way of thinking and creating solutions, and has sounded a creative voice that I did not know existed.”

Ed Allen, RADM, US Navy (ret), Executive Business Coach and Consultant

“I knew that mind mapping supported creative thinking, but I haven’t seen such a clear, in-depth explanation until now. Like the previous book that Griffiths co-wrote with Tony Buzan – ‘Mind Maps for Business’ – this one is full of practical advice and is focused with laser-like precision on the needs of business people today. I highly recommend this book!”

Chuck Frey, Founder, Innovation Tools and The Mind Mapping Software Blog

“Chris challenges people to break from ‘old ways’ and embrace creative ideas for doing things differently.”

Brenton Nicholls, Director, Impact Unlimited

“Chris is a rare breed of entrepreneur and business expert: He completely understands all the theory, but does not over-indulge it. Instead, he takes it and makes it useful to the real world. This book is perhaps the best evidence of this, and will not only help you to generate better ideas, but (most importantly) bring them to life and make them real!”

Liam Hughes, Founder,

“Organisations are proclaiming the need to ‘work smarter’ – Chris Griffiths provides a road map of how to do that.”

Bob Urichuck, Author of ‘You Are the Author of Your Future’

“This book provides new tools and techniques about creativity and innovation for your personal, professional and social success. It helps you think differently. Read it and become a trailblazer!”

Professor M.S. Rao, International Leadership Expert and Author of ‘Success Sutras – Lead Your Life Successfully’

“If everybody could read Chris’s book and incorporate his suggestions on a daily basis, we would all go straight to the point and gain the most appreciated treasure: time!”

Oriol Marimon-Clos, CEO, Ideas Angels

“I consider Chris Griffiths one of the great talents that will bloom in the years ahead.”

Ron Kaufman, Best-selling author of ‘UP Your Service!’

“I obtained many ideas and a real shift in my thinking.”

John Brooker, Yes! And…

“Chris’s book reminds me of one of Albert Einstein’s quotes – ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it’. By dissecting a complex subject and making it easy to understand, he proves his expertise of the systematic thought process. Now I can structure my thoughts appropriately using GRASP and harness them in their naturally radiant form using Mind Maps….I have just discovered the genius in me!”

Abdullahi Bello Umar, CEO, VentureSUM Global Resources Ltd

“The GRASP model teaches participants how to use Mind Maps to stimulate and generate thinking in order to seek alternative solutions, to transform analytical thinking models into Mind Maps, and to make more effective use of those strategies. Through all of this GRASP helps to draw out and develop better ideas. The GRASP model in conjunction with Mind Maps will provide you with the skills and strategies to improve proactive thinking and, in turn, help you better serve your clients.”

Tony Buzan, multi-million copy best-selling Author on the brain and Inventor of Mind Mapping

“Brings a new era to human development! ‘GRASP The Solution’ is like an encyclopaedia of the mind and how it functions; with guidance on how to apply it to our own interests. Inspiring, empowering and motivating, this book offers deep insights to fresh brilliant ideas and a new effective way of thinking without hassle. It is also a great source for whoever wishes to apply mind mapping to his/her own life. Chris continuously surprises us with productive ways of thinking and techniques to unleash our abilities and the potentiality that’s hidden within us.”

Tania Jammal, NLP Master & Health Practitioner, Beyond Positivity

“Offers fresh new information about the human thought and a great method to solve problems creatively. Creativity can be taught and this book can show you how. This method takes advantage of the mind mapping technique. It is truly a gem!”

Socrates Chourides, Mind Expanding Techniques

“I find it a great strength of the book that it thinks about thinking and makes the reader think about thinking as well. Everyone who draws attention to this, who one way or another teaches thinking, who is dedicated to popularize the idea of thinking, who helps the purposeful use of the human brain, in my belief, does the most for mankind that can be done in today’s world. Your book serves these aims.”

Krisztián Kaszás, Student

“I am amazed how simple, easy and profound this book is. It’s a remarkable tool for getting the clarity we all need to begin living our dreams.”

Nisha Sood, Founder, OnePointOne Training

“I love the focus of this new book. There’s a lot of talk in business about the increasing need for creativity but far less informed action. In the West there’s a retreat from this focus on creativity into the apparently more predictable / comfortable ground of “productivity / efficiency”. For me this latter focus only makes sense if you’ve set a viable course in the first instance otherwise any competitive advantage your strategy offers can be rather fleeting. Chris hits it right on the head.”

Cliff Calcutt, Managing Director of GTwM,

“In many cases the full potential of individuals and organisations remains unrealised.  ‘Grasp The Solution’ provides the perfect introduction to the development of personal cognitive skills. Read this book and gain new perspectives on thinking clarity and creativity.  Visualise your ideas, watch them grow and let them lead you to success!”

Simon Pearson, Managing Director, Puzzlebox Potential – Unlocking learning potential

“Chris and his work have changed my life, and already millions of lives for the better worldwide. His work is in the process of doing the same for YOU.”

Tony Buzan, Multi-million copy best-selling author and inventor of Mind Mapping

“I am impressed by Chris’s ability to clearly set goals and inspire individuals seeking their own individual paths and creative solutions. In ‘GRASP The Solution’, he captures the essence of his polished techniques for inducing confidence in people and guiding them to make brilliant decisions. Time spent reading is worthwhile!”

Yaroslav Senshin, PME

“The GRASP method is as simple to understand as it is revolutionary in improving results. Chris has provided a new tool that I and my collaborators are using daily in our professional and personal lives. I believe each one of us should have learnt it at school.”

Matteo Salvo, Mind Performance, Author of ‘The Secret of a Prodigious Memory’

“I found Chris’s GRASP system a great way to make our thinking more structured and simpler. It has led me to metacognition i.e. thinking about thinking, especially about how certain tools affect our thinking.”

Dharmendra Rai, Professional Trainer and Coach

“This book leads us to more efficient, faster, accurate and enjoyable decision making processes. In my opinion ‘GRASP The Solution’ can become for adults what the book ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is for children. A wonderful and enjoyable lifetime guide.”

Michaella Hella, Managing Director, Destination Group

“Gave me so many ideas to develop…I have been using GRASP in school at Management levels and am incorporating the technique into SLT training in September.”

Sue Baker, Learning and Attainment Manager & Teacher, Kirkby Sports College

“20 years as the CEO of communication agencies, I was good at managing creativity – so I thought. But thankfully I crossed the path of Chris and his book ’GRASP The Solution’… and I was rocketed 1 million miles further in the universe of generating, managing, and making ideas come into reality! If you think you’re not creative, read Chris’s book. If you think (as I did) that you know everything about creativity, read Chris’s book and think again!”

Frederic Veve, CEO, Communiquons.Biz

“Now is the time when this book is most needed – we live in a fiercely competitive world, where global choice is greater than ever before. Agility in spotting trends, organising and managing multiple ideas and strategies, and smart implementation are key to success.”

ReSource Magazine

“Chris awakened the giant within and I am planning my next move with a totally fresh perspective. Chris is not only a great human being but also a great inventor, speaker and leader.”

Dina Faidi, Training Consultant, Creativity Beyond

“Chris shows with clarity and persuasiveness that creative thinking is not magic, but a process that can be learned, developed, and most importantly applied to the challenges, whether business or personal, that confront us all. An excellent resource. Grasp it.”

Tim Hurson, Author of ‘Think Better: An Innovator’s Guide to Productive Thinking’

“Cogently written, attractively presented and refreshingly free of hype and pseudoscientific psychobabble….packed with practical advice and interesting (sometimes startling) insights.”

Graham Buik, Consultant

“My brain has been given a boost… Very inspirational. This is as good as it gets.”

Gopal Raja, CEO, Ideation Inc.

“We achieve far greater clarity in all our communication, develop more creative ideas faster and save volumes of time daily. In essence, we get more done.”

Cliff Shaffran, CEO, Q3global