Hire Chris Griffiths

Chris Griffiths is the CEO of ThinkBuzan and the driver behind the globally popular iMindMap brand of products. He is a leading light in the innovation industry with an extraordinary talent for conceiving thinking strategies, processes and techniques that produce powerful results in the modern world.


He is the ideal speaker for organisations and groups who are committed to business and professional development, unveiling remarkably practical methods that dramatically multiply the chances of success.


“Chris had a great balance between roles of leader, socialiser, developer of ideas and solutions.”

Gopal Raja, CEO, Ideation Inc

“This has given me the inspiration to get back on track….On the whole – fantastic and inspiring.”

Ellen Christine Bouwer, Accon AS

“Very well organised and delivered, Chris was personable, interested and interesting.”

Aine Flynn, Education Specialist, Transformational Training

Chris’s presentational style is a mesmerising blend of his genuine personality and matter-of-fact approach, built on his business savvy as well as his enthusiasm for motivating people. A prodigious entrepreneur who has launched and nurtured a globally successful organisation, Chris is living proof of the power of innovation, dedication and perseverance in achieving all manner of challenging goals. One recent audience member described Chris as “great, with a wealth of knowledge.”, another commented that Chris was ”engaging and impressive”.


Chris speaking at LikeMinds event

Some of Chris’s recent speaking engagements include:

  • Like Minds Innovation + Opportunity Conference Exeter, UK
  • Opening Keynote Speaker at The Unlimited Power Online Event, Dubai
  • European Academy for Direct and Interactive Marketing, London, UK
  • ‘Chris Griffiths on Creativity and Innovation’, Singapore Institute of Management
  • Ideas First Video Conference, Ukraine
  • Age-Proof Your Brain National Concert Hall, Ireland
  • International Exhibition of Higher Education, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • The Sunday Times Business Roadshow Events, UK
  • Petra Nobel – Annual Conference of Nobel Laureates, Jordan
  • Well-Being Tourism Conference, UK
  • ‘The Power of Mind Mapping’, Stiglitz SLC, London, UK
  • ThinkBuzan System, New York, USA
  • ThinkBuzan System, Khartoum, Sudan

“Chris was relaxed, competent and entertaining.”

Lyndsay Rees-Jones, Consultant

“Thank you Chris with deep gratitude and respect for the excellent training.”

Ed Allen, Business Results Coach, Executive Success Group

“Very inspiring and insightful. Thank you. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it!….Look forward to putting all into practice.”

Alexandra Garton, Nurse and Health & Wellbeing Expert


With a natural faculty to captivate and energise his audiences, Chris Griffiths is the perfect speaker for any corporate occasion or event. He provides illuminating answers to key issues facing organisations, entrepreneurs and professionals today such as:

  • How can you get your business out of a rut and drive it forward innovatively and successfully?
  • Why do so many brainstorming sessions fail and what can you do to prevent this?
  • How can you switch out of boring, repetitive and ‘reactive’ thinking into a proactive mindset that really gets results?
  • How can you think clearly, creatively and strategically to make the best possible decisions?
  • How can you manage the prolific quantities of information thrown at you daily?
  • How can you generate more first-rate ideas and solutions, more of the time?
  • What concrete steps can you take to make your best ideas happen?

Chris Griffiths with the Dalai Lama

“Chris was effective and inspiring!”

Ruud Hendrikx, Management Consultant

“Thank you for sharing your vision and your heart!”

Jose Romero, Federal Environmental Office, United Nations

“Very enjoyable and useful.”

Martin Connolly

“Words cannot express my gratitude for sharing your knowledge and vision Chris. Sincerely thank you.”

Sean McLaughlin, President, Structured

“I’m so excited that I can’t wait to use all the tools that I’ve just learnt.”

Matteo Salvo, Mind Performance



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