GRASP The Solution Videos

Introduction to GRASP

Chris Griffiths talks about what you can learn from his new book ‘GRASP The Solution’ and the importance of practical creativity.

Chapter 2 – GRASP

What is GRASP? It’s an acronym for the different modes of thinking you might utilise to be innovative – Generative, Reactive, Analytical, Selective and Proactive. GRASP offers a helpful way to become aware of your thinking so you can increase your chances of success.

Chapter 3 – Generative Thinking

Generative thinking is about coming up with ideas. Sounds easy enough but most of us limit ourselves when we do it. Creativity has to be purposeful if you want to generate ideas that are both practical AND original. This comes through having a system and process to support it.

Chapter 4 – Reactive Thinking

Reactive thinking kills creativity. Speed is important in today’s world but if you react fast all the time, you can end up behind! Being innovative is about being in front – being a leader, not a follower. You have to get control of reactive thinking so it doesn’t control you.

Chapter 5 – Analytical Thinking

Analytical thinking doesn’t spell the end of creativity – it’s an essential part of it! When you have a lot of ideas you have to be able to sort, screen and select which ones to take forward. But being analytical isn’t all about logic and left brain skills, good analytical thinking is a whole brain activity.

Chapter 6 – Selective Thinking

The most powerful and dangerous of all the modes. When you really believe in an idea, you want to move forward with it straight away. If you do this too early in the creative process, you stop looking at the whole picture and might realise too late that you’ve picked the wrong idea! Selective thinking used properly is vital to success – complete belief and conviction gives you the drive to make the right idea happen.

Chapter 7 – Proactive Thinking

Proactive thinking pulls all the other modes together. It’s about putting a strategy around your thinking – applying techniques, tools and processes so you can think in the right way at the right time. We employ proactive strategies for our fitness or diet but not for our thinking! This is the ultimate aim of the GTS System – to create proactive, not reactive thinkers, leaders, not followers.

The Solution Finder Overview

GRASP is the context in which we think, but how do we apply it in the right way? The Solution Finder is a 4-step process that gives you the tools and ingredients to create something special – 1) Define, 2) Generate, 3) Evaluate, and 4) Solution. It’s flexible – you can pick and choose which stages and tools to apply depending on the nature of your challenge. AND it will work with any strategies you currently use. Try it, experience it and see what it can do for you!

How to Mind Map

Learn how to Mind Map with this step-by-step guide.